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WordPress fix Reply To: Changing themes

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by stiller77, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. stiller77


    Reply To: Changing themes, by stiller77

    I’ll keep this short…..

    Onetone the video would keep dropping down over the page and I couldn’t stop it….I couldn’t get any support so it made me think why would I use this game when I can hardly get any support and in the future I’m going to be screwed……which sucks because I really liked the theme

    Avada…..that team allowed me to customize a couple of things and then it would no longer save anything. Now I cannot get anybody to answer this for me but I’m trying to figure out if because this needs to be paid for…..on word press you can install it for free but if you go to theme Forest they want $39 for it. So does that mean it wasn’t working because it needs to be paid for?

    I did preview everything and what I was trying to say was after you change the theme the next one no longer looks the same as usual I guess I’m told because the menus and the widgets and the sidebars or whatever or not in the correct place anymore because the coding or something changed from using a previous theme ???

    I don’t know…..this is my very first time and that is why I sound the way I do. I spent three days straight only to ask my host to just wipe my word press clean again so I could start from new….which they did….now I am paranoid to start again and messed something up.

    I feel as though if I use a free theme that later on if they don’t update it or give me any support I’m going to have a lot of problems so maybe it is a lot better idea to get a paid one? Does that make sense or could you come in on that…..

    Appreciate the long response so far

    Reply To: Changing themes

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