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WordPress fix Reply To: Changing My Themes Footer.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Patrick300, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Patrick300


    Reply To: Changing My Themes Footer., by Patrick300

    RossMitchell ,

    Thanks for the question. I legally own the custom theme, which was agreed to for $800. I own the domain through bluehost and did (and do continue to do) ALL of the content for the main site and most of the pics for the custom theme were given to them by myself on USB stick. So they probably had 60% already done by me. I just needed the site up and working with a vertical menu and handnt coded html since 1999.

    But i knew enough HTML (but not the mysterious CSS) to see it would only take like 5 minutes for a paid pro to make a simple edit. I called on the phone and he said it would take 20+ minutes to find the code line, and then he might as well charge me the minimum fee. The contract was free basic support for 2 years, and its been 3. but still, its like 20 characters and 5 minutes.

    In any case ill try the fixes mentioned, thanks all, but i got to goto work !

    As for the next problem if you could all look here id appreciate it : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/link-colors-are-ok-on-screen-but-not-when-i-print/

    (the pic wont load on the lower reply but ill fix it soon)

    Thank you everybody, ill close this thread out as solved if it all works out !

    Reply To: Changing My Themes Footer.

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