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WordPress fix Reply To: Cant see my images in the media library

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by akshatjiwan, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. akshatjiwan


    Reply To: Cant see my images in the media library, by akshatjiwan

    Thank you @joemcgill for the pointers!

    Unfortunately I get no server errors. At least nothing is logged into my nginx error log files. The issue only happens on the grid view. The list view works fine for the most part but when I click on “attach image” link the resulting dialog window is empty. That is nothing actually happens. I get no list of posts to attach the image to.

    I have inspected the network requests in my console and it seems that the server returns the results. The admin-ajax.php request successfully executes. I can see 200 Ok status code as well as the JSON data returned for all my images. But nothing is rendered on the screen and the spinner in the grid view keeps on spinning.

    A similar problem occurs when I’m uploading images. The response from the UI is that image can’t be uploaded but the image is actually uploaded to the server.

    Reply To: Cant see my images in the media library

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