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WordPress fix Reply To: Cannot Verify Pinterest Account

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by gokuss7gamer, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. gokuss7gamer


    Reply To: Cannot Verify Pinterest Account, by gokuss7gamer

    HI I am back, I finally got it working! Yeaah!!!!! OK I checked all previous kind of attempts of verify to be deleted ( manual uploads of the HTML file, meta tag manual included into header, etc plugin you used before ).

    Based on the recommendations from several moderators of WordPress ( not directly to me but to other users with similar problems ) I started to test out several plugins and thought that one of those must work and help me out, which was the case with this:


    I installed it, went in, put the digit code as requested by the plugin, saved, went onto Pinterest and pressed confirm, first it showed me the same error again, so i went to the analytics tab, went to overview, confirmed from there again with finish, no error showed up, went back into Pinterest settings and by miracle my website now sows confirmed, uninstalled the plugin and anything is working now

    Hope this helps you in any way!



    Reply To: Cannot Verify Pinterest Account

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