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WordPress fix Reply To: Cannot register or log on using /wp-login.php. “Denied”

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by DJ Allyn, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. DJ Allyn


    Reply To: Cannot register or log on using /wp-login.php. “Denied”, by DJ Allyn

    Hi Jackie, thanks for your response.

    The only thing I am able to do from the sidebar login is to log into the site with my correct credentials. (it is the ONLY place I can log in at that works) But yes, you can’t register or login from either the sidebar or the actual wp-login page.

    It’s a shared server account at Hosting Matters. I’m not the site owner, I’m the guy who set this whole shebang up about ten years ago. Now I’ve been asked back to check into this.

    It’s a linux server. There isn’t a firewall, and no Cloudfare. Database size? I have NO idea other than it currently has 3,000 long-winded political screeds and 50,000+ comments. (again, not my circus, not my monkeys — I’m just the guy who set it up for them)

    Reply To: Cannot register or log on using /wp-login.php. “Denied”

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