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WordPress fix Reply To: Can I back to 4.9 ?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by salamzaban, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. salamzaban


    Reply To: Can I back to 4.9 ?, by salamzaban

    Thanks for your answers.
    I yesterday I updated to 4.9.1 manually too but nothing happened but some of my users say they have worked with the site last night and at the morning I had this email from the host provider:

    “Our server monitors have noticed that one or more scripts/application hosted on your hosting account to be using a large amount of server resources. This has impacted the overall performance of other websites hosted on the servers. To reduce the impact on the servers and other customer accounts, we had to suspend your website and CGI services. The permissions of the script is also disabled.

    The list of files which were getting high requests are given below:

    I replaced the “index.php” and waiting for their answer.

    How and What has happened to “index.php” ??

    Was it causing the problems that I mentioned?

    -Error establishing a database connection.
    -Userlinks redirects to homepage.
    -Can’t access site and log-in

    Reply To: Can I back to 4.9 ?

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