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WordPress fix Reply To: Can’t update ONE old post

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by webmistressofthedark, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. webmistressofthedark


    Reply To: Can’t update ONE old post, by webmistressofthedark

    I did not find a solution to this mysterious problem (I did a workaround) but here are the details in case anyone actually knows what caused it.

    I had been updating all old posts to clear up a formatting issue from the imported DB into the new theme.

    This post (which is now gone) was JUST TEXT — no pics, links or anything incorrect in the title, and assigned to two categories.

    I simply wanted to click ‘update’ to clear the formatting issue which I have done with many others, even older posts.

    I tried changing the title a bit, and making a NEW post, changing the category, or even the date to NO avail. I would either get a connection timeout, or the page would toss out the text and flip the category to the default. Only the title would be left in drafts.

    So I thought I’d be smart and add the text to a post that DOES update, that referred to this text. I pasted it in and guess what? It stopped THAT post from updating even though it had updated fine before! So I removed the text and updated the post successfully.

    The workaround was, I put the exact same text in a PDF file and LINKED it into the other post about the subject. Now all works fine.

    My conclusion is that SOMETHING inside the post was causing it to be tossed out and not accepted by the server but WHAT? Even the techs over at NC could not figure it out.

    I’m going to mark this resolved, but it really isn’t. I just found a suitable workaround that allowed me to include the information I did not want lost.

    Otherwise, chalk it up to WP ghosts…

    Reply To: Can’t update ONE old post

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