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WordPress fix Reply To: Can’t Log Into Wp-Admin

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Pioneer Web Design, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Pioneer Web Design


    Reply To: Can’t Log Into Wp-Admin, by Pioneer Web Design

    verified from CPanel database


    It is not possible to see the actual admin password in the database. The password is stored in a manner that can only be de-crypted – the password value is not the actual password.

    I suggest you change the password using the method in those 5 links directly in the DB.

    Also, the site is currently returning a 500 error and is blacklisted. You can see that by scanning it at https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/

    Also, why is it assumed that the site was hacked after 9/24? It may have been long before that. It generally takes some time for a site to get blacklisted.

    I know those last few thoughts are not things you want to hear, but they are real.

    I suggest folks that cannot cleanup a site on their own to hire Sucuri. They are well recommended by many.

    Once the site is cleaned up and back online, you can contact the ones who have blacklisted your site to review it and remove the blacklisting.

    Please then always do follow best practices to keep your site clean.

    I also advise that you do a full security scan of all files and services on any local machine/device you have used to visit/log into the site in the past still in use.

    Many do not realize that the whole thing started when they downloaded some bad plugin or code. It infects their local machine, then the website.

    Reply To: Can’t Log Into Wp-Admin

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