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WordPress fix Reply To: Can’t edit template files direcly since 4.9

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by borisbudeck, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. borisbudeck


    Reply To: Can’t edit template files direcly since 4.9, by borisbudeck

    Yes, we have this problem now with several sites.

    @pioneer Web Design (@swansonphotos) – keeping users from making mistakes by taking away usability is at least debatable. In our case we have a web admin with no access rights to the servers (not even via FTP). He totally relied on the option to edit specific php files if necessary through the dashboard. Now we are forced to send in a change request to IT and wait until they find the time to make the changes – for every single change of code – even adding something like a tracking snippet!

    This step is bad design in my opinion. It enforces people to use even more plugins, more plugins are by far less stable and safe than making some changes to the code. 60-80% of the functionality, that lazy people cover with plugins can be done by very small changes to the PHP files – you just have to do some research and learning. The result will always be faster, more reliable (no plugins being discontinued) and fully under your own control. You can’t do this, though, if the company has a structure that does not grant every second employee access to the root servers. WP was great at allowing webdamins access to specific files only. I really don’t get the reason for taking this away and force people to rebuild it now by setting up FTP clients with restricted access rights.

    I don’t see why it should be more unlikely to break one’s WP site now, by uploading buggy code via FTP instead of making changes to the file within the browser. Upload a broken PHP file and your site will go white anyway.

    Reply To: Can’t edit template files direcly since 4.9

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