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WordPress fix Reply To: Can’t edit main theme php files after upgrading to 4.9

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Marius L. J., Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Marius L. J.


    Reply To: Can’t edit main theme php files after upgrading to 4.9, by Marius L. J.

    @winock No disrespect taken, we do understand that it’s frustrating, but it honestly is the only reliable way to do testing, and has been since the creation of the plugin system.

    When doing debugging though, we do recommend using a test setup if you can (many hosts offer a staging option these days for example, which replicates everything, but keeps it as a separate site).

    WordPress it self won’t come with any update to sort this out until we can actually find out if it is a WordPress problem, and if so what is causing it, the current state of affairs is that users need to follow the troubleshooting steps we tell them to before we can get anywhere.

    @backups We actually don’t want you to toggle this value, we need to know what it’s set to, both for local and global scope.

    @tinarusnak1 We can’t rule out it being a theme issue, if you wish to test usign a default theme, you can always switch back to the original theme again afterwards.

    @genealogydotie Can you check the values outlined in my previous post at https://wordpress.org/support/topic...pgrading-to-4-9/page/6/?view=all#post-9704250

    @aleuallen I understand you want yoru site fixed, but your issue is no trelated to this thread, please do make a new topic for your problem as we can not help you in this one.

    @debresser Thank you for looking into this, could you also disable Jetpack, it is not an official WordPress plugin, it’s a plugin by a company called Automattic, and we really REALLY need it to be without ANY plugins active. But thank you for checking the default values there for us, we were following up on a potential lead which relies on that value.
    And yes, I tested that plugin and it blocks the editor from performing it’s safety checks, it’s also no longer on the Plugin Directory so we can not vouch for it receiving any updates and do recommend finding an alternative.

    If anyone is missing their posts, as warned earlier I am removing replies that serve no purpose or are unrelated, things are spiraling if we don’t keep a tight lid on things.

    Reply To: Can’t edit main theme php files after upgrading to 4.9

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