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WordPress fix Reply To: Can’t edit main theme php files after upgrading to 4.9

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Winock, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Winock


    Reply To: Can’t edit main theme php files after upgrading to 4.9, by Winock

    @marius L.J.

    I have read many of the things here, and wish to give a comment where i want to thank all WordPress Developers for the time the spend on the WordPress Project!!!

    However, i do understand the question about information arround Webhosts configuration and all these things, understand also to test, deactivate Plugins, testing with activate one plugin after te next and so on…

    Notice that i do not want writing here with disrespect or anything else!

    But in my case i have more the 40 wordpress installations for customers with all kind of plugins and it is in some cases impossible to put some sites in maintenance, testing, deactivate and all other stuff!

    The point is thats everything works fine until the 4.9 update where a verry vissible change is the theme editor! and also here starts the problems. after change two files: wp-admin/theme-editor.php and wp-admin/includes/file.php with the old (4.8.3) ones i can working back on a temperairy sollution!

    If a plugin designer have make an update and he becomes some issues, i have the expierience that they work on these issues and give a sollution! they have noticed the plugin works fine BEFORE the update and recognized there is a small bug in his update.

    Again i do not want to be dis-respectfull, but WordPress comes with an update with a serious issues for webdesigners like me who works with WordPress where this issue is a big problem. a normal user does not have much to do with this editor, web designer does and this is a big problem!

    when comes an WordPress update where we can work normally with the editor?

    Reply To: Can’t edit main theme php files after upgrading to 4.9

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