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WordPress fix Reply To: Blog Has Been Disable for Technical Reasons

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jackie McBride, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Jackie McBride


    Reply To: Blog Has Been Disable for Technical Reasons, by Jackie McBride

    Hello, b23445m8, & welcome. Actually, WordPress.org does nothing but supply the WordPress software. It has nothing to do with, nor can it correct, any DNS errors, etc. That is your or your hosting provider’s province. Having thus said, here is an article that might prove helpful to you.

    Whereas the blog is indeed down, I was able to ping the domain, so I suspect your A records are fine. mxtoolbox.com states that your SOA serial number format is invalid, though I’m not sure that this would cause the blog to be disabled. Still, it should be fixed. I really think this is the purview of Rackspace.

    WordPress has a job posting site http://jobs.wordpress.net, where you can post an ad for someone to help you. Likely ‘General’ or ‘Performance’ are the most relevant categories. I suggest this because w/o examining logs, DNS records, etc, it would be very hard to determine the precise problem, as we are volunteers on this forum, & we do not have the authority to & are indeed discouraged from ever attempting to perform these sorts of tasks.

    We do wish you luck & success.

    Reply To: Blog Has Been Disable for Technical Reasons

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