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WordPress fix Reply To: Bad Bots to WordPress

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by xprt007, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. xprt007


    Reply To: Bad Bots to WordPress, by xprt007

    How have you configured Wordfence, if I may ask?
    I also get very frequent attacks on my site, sometimes brute force login attempts, some of which try literally every few seconds to login in for hours.
    I have taken a number of measures, like configuring Wordfence to block login attempts from IP addresses, for example of non-existent usernames right away and 2 times for a false password, etc. I do not have many users logging in frequently and if I see a failed log in attempt of a real user, if I feel like it, write them and tell them they used the wrong username. If not, they will try again themselves sometime later, like after an hour or depending on the time you have configured.

    There are also options regarding password recovery, limiting the number of times a user from a particular IP can use it and lots of other measures.
    Do you use Google captcha and similar measures? All taken together help make it harder for these criminals from trying to access the site & using its resources.

    Reply To: Bad Bots to WordPress

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