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WordPress fix Reply To: are drafts in wordpress being indexed ?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by coffeetalkingnet, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. coffeetalkingnet


    Reply To: are drafts in wordpress being indexed ?, by coffeetalkingnet

    Thanks for every answer !

    Maybe I didn’t make myself understood; The exact doubt is:

    ** Are drafts indexed by Google ? **

    As I have said, this is not happening to me, but I have read that it happened to someone else. The purpose of my question is to avoid the possibility that unfinished content would appear on the results for any search in internet, and also to avoid, as I have read it could happen, that if the user clicks on one of those possible search results, a “page not found” could be shown.

    If this cannot happen, I will continue using drafts. If, on the other hand, It could happen, I would avoid the use of drafts. That’s all.

    In my blog, users can make comments but are not allowed to write posts nor pages, whether they are logged in or not. I’m the only one that can see my drafts, as no one but me can save a draft in the blog.

    Reply To: are drafts in wordpress being indexed ?

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