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WordPress fix Reply To: Apache 2.4 htaccess RewriteRule issue

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by anonymousraft, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. anonymousraft


    Reply To: Apache 2.4 htaccess RewriteRule issue, by anonymousraft

    Hello @michon_ste

    if apeache team is saying that the WordPress is overriding the .htaccess each time then you can stop WordPress to modify .htaccess from below way

    Make your .htaccess read only. WordPress specifically checks if both the home path and the .htaccess file in the home path are writable, using the PHP is_writable function. If it’s not writable (aka, read-only), WordPress does not attempt to write to it.for Linux based hosting system, make the .htaccess file have 444 or 440 or 400 permissions. Use the smallest one that still works. So the permissions change is a solid solution, but understand that it will prevent anything — WordPress, plugins, themes, etc

    I hope it’ll resolve your issue

    Reply To: Apache 2.4 htaccess RewriteRule issue

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