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WordPress fix Reply To: Alt attributes images

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Jacob Peattie, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Jacob Peattie


    Reply To: Alt attributes images, by Jacob Peattie

    When you insert an image into a post, it creates an HTML <img> tag for the image with the alt tag as set when the image was inserted. If you later go back to the media library and edit an image and add alt text it won’t be added to images already inserted into posts. You’ll need to go back into those posts and edit them to add the alt text to that particular instance of the image.

    For images that you didn’t insert, and that are dynamically added to the page by a plugin or your theme, it is the responsibility of the theme/plugin developer to ensure that the alt attribute is added. If the theme/plugin isn’t doing this then you should take it up with the author. WordPress provides several functions for outputting images that makes this easy, so there’s no excuse for themes/plugins no doing this.

    Looking at your site it looks like the alt text is appearing on the front page and your shop pages, but not in blog posts like this one. For those you’ll need to go in and add them manually.

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