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WordPress fix Reply To: All JavaScripts fail to load

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by victor2preston, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. victor2preston


    Reply To: All JavaScripts fail to load, by victor2preston

    The other website is “victorpreston.com”.
    The URLS that I see on the Settings->General page look like this:
    I see that in the database the siteurl is “http://localhost.localdomain”, and
    home is “http:/localhost”
    I’m not sure I understand – where is the php code finding these URLS? It’s a likely place to be the problem, but I would have thought relative URLS would be what you wanted, so it will look in the folder containing the correct code.
    The domain root for “victorpreston.com” is “/var/www/html”
    whereas the domain root for “theserenecity.com” is “/var/www/theserenecity.com/html”
    They each have WordPress installed in their corresponding domain root.

    Reply To: All JavaScripts fail to load

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