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WordPress fix Reply To: Account hacked; changed username

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by jeffsilang89, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. jeffsilang89


    Reply To: Account hacked; changed username, by jeffsilang89

    Hi luminarias, welcome to the club.

    Here are a couple of things I suggest:
    – Gain wp-login access back by changing the Password of suryanata via your cPanel or back-end. I was able to this with my Hostgator cPanel – under software – Quick Install.
    – Install WordFence Plug-In and run a scan. This showed me that my .htaccess or my index.php file had been altered and fixed that issue. Also it fixed some stuff in the wp-includes directory.
    – Check your sitemap.xml. Mines was compromised and had thousands of URL’s linking to Japanese webistes. Delete that sitemap.xml if yours is also compromised then allow Google or another plug-in to generate a new one after. I found out a bit too late and now a lot of my google search results are showing up in Japanese and I am still figuring out how to clear it =(

    As to how to change the name of suryanata I still don’t know. Hostgator support said that is “beyond their support”. If anyone could show me how to do that I would really appreciate it.

    Reply To: Account hacked; changed username

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