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WordPress fix Reply To: About WordPress Hacked by Hunter Bajwa , Team [email protected]

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by postcd, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. postcd


    Reply To: About WordPress Hacked by Hunter Bajwa , Team [email protected], by postcd

    Probably they infected your index.php or such file/s.
    I would suggest opening your webhosting account files using web based FIle manager via your hosting control panel or via FTP client and sort your files/folders by modification date. Then the last modified files can be those that was newly injected into your account. (bad ones). remove them, or just empty its content and make them non writable.
    Save your access logs so you can match modification date of the files to the logs and see what that person was doing and maybe which plugin was used to infect the site/which plugin is vulnerable.
    Then download original wordpress files that match your wordpress version and overwrite your files by original ones (do backup first).
    Then upgrade your wordpress and plugins to latest versions. Disable and delete plugins that are not necessary. Google: how to secure wordpress
    i suggest ninja firewall plugin or something like that.
    do not forget to change your hosting passwords

    PS: it can also be a root compromise, you may not be able to find all malicious files, safe is to delete whole site and restore backup, then do upgrade, and securing of your wordpress install.

    Reply To: About WordPress Hacked by Hunter Bajwa , Team [email protected]

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