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WordPress fix Reply To: 500 Error, how do I recover

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by David Sword, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. David Sword


    Reply To: 500 Error, how do I recover, by David Sword

    Is .htaccess still supposed to be present in the wwwroot?

    .htaccess is needed for the post-name URLS, it will generate itself if needed. You may not see it via FTP because its a hidden file, depends on the client.

    All this sort of puts me back to the original issue.
    Do I have to now have to completely start over? Including delete the database, rebuilding all the pages, etc. Or is there some sub set of files that I can overlay to get things working again. Maybe keep the DB and the wp-config.php.

    You can take your files out, and put into a new wp install, and use your old database. If it was me this is what I’d do:

    1. download the problematic /wordpress/ directory for local backup.
    2. via phpmyadmin export and download mysql database for local backup.
    3. rename the problematic /wordpress/ dir to /wordpress-OLD/
    4. upload a fresh clean wordpress download to /wordpress/
    5. copy contents of /wordpress-OLD/wp-config.php and paste in new /wordpress/wp-config.php file (so connects to old database)
    6. copy folder /wordpress-OLD/wp-content/uploads/ and paste folder in /wordpress/wp-content/uploads/

    At this point, your sites /wp-admin/ should load with all your content. Because you haven’t copied over /themes/ or /plugins/ the front end will white-screen-of-death – but thereafter you can change themes and add your plugins one-by-one.

    Reply To: 500 Error, how do I recover

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