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WordPress fix Reply To: 403 error, deleted .htaccess, can’t access site

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by jesignor, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. jesignor


    Reply To: 403 error, deleted .htaccess, can’t access site, by jesignor

    My brother manages his site and mine via fatcow. I had him look and he says the .htaccess is in there. It isn’t viewable to me via FTP but I guess is from the admnin end. Could have fatcow look at this maybe. Though…

    I re-downloaded a new copy of WordPress and replaced all the standard parts except content sections that I wouldn’t want to lose, and prior to that I made a backup of everything. But, still not able to get in. Main menu links are accessible from the front page, but submenus come up with the “Forbidden” error. /wp-login.php comes up “Forbidden”. I checked permissions and don’t see anything wrong.

    Not being any kind of expert in SQL and all that I installed wampserver and phpmyadmin and got as far as creating a server, dieectory, user, but have no clue how to upload my backups from folder on my computer, which I FTP’ed down as files. IT appears that to access a backup it would have to be an SQL file and I have no idea how to create that. And obviously can’t get into WP to download a backup from there.

    Unfortunately one of the disadvantages of WordPress seems to be that content is not easily accessible, whereas they would be if building a site without WordPress. Lesson to save actual HTML/CSS as text and not just rely on the backups which are archaically hidden — unless one is a pro developer.

    Not sure what to do and no one seems to know.

    Reply To: 403 error, deleted .htaccess, can’t access site

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