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WordPress fix Reply To: 4.9 Crashed My Website

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Robert Lee Murphy, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Robert Lee Murphy


    Reply To: 4.9 Crashed My Website, by Robert Lee Murphy

    My website is restored now, and here is a summary of the actions taken.

    1. Some of you suggested it might be a cache problem with my browser, but I clear the cache everyday. I have decided to work on my site using Explorer rather than Edge, however. It takes CCleaner several minutes to cleanup the junk Edge leaves behing.
    2. I attempted to restore the site using one of the backup files I had created using BackupWP. I followed their instructions, but after churning for twenty minutes, my FTP client notified me the file was too large. BackupWP does provide two additional possible ways to restore, but I decided to try something else.
    3. I deactivated my plugins, and reactivated them, one at a time; but that revealed nothing.
    4. I decided to rebuild the missing pieces of my site from scratch, and in doing so, it became apparent that the missing pieces were all powered by Jetpack.
    5. I deleted Jetpack (not just deactivated it) and reinstalled Jetpack. Then, information about the missing pieces appeared, but they were not working on my site.
    6. I had to go through the various sections of Jetpack and reactivate them one at a time.
    7. The guilty party turned out to be Jetpack. It probably caused the problem when a recent update was installed.

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will close this line now.

    Reply To: 4.9 Crashed My Website

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