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WordPress fix Reply To: “Re-initializing” a wordpress website on localhost

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos


    Reply To: “Re-initializing” a wordpress website on localhost, by Xenos (xkon) Konstantinos

    Ok let me explain something since you are new to this for future reference and to avoid confusion.

    The .sql file is generated when you export a database and that is the safest ( and most common ) way to move a database or keep a backup of it. In your case to get an .sql file the idea was to go into phpMyAdmin on your ‘old’ server select the database and click Export to give you that file. After that you could Import it into any other server.

    An .SQL file is a simple text file that includes all the SQL commands needed + data to re-create your database.

    If you could simply copy the database then as soon as you copied the database directory in your new data folder it should be showing that database up on your phpMyAdmin page as well.

    Now to the problem at hand I don’t think you can re-create a database only from the .frm / .ibd files, there are more files needed to copy folder as far as I know for example the ibdata that are located under /data/ folder etc.

    If you have a full copy of your old XAMPP then there is a chance. If you only have your database folder copied I’m not entirely sure that there’s a way to restore the database ( not 100% but I’ve never done it at least ).

    Reply To: “Re-initializing” a wordpress website on localhost

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