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WordPress fix Remove blog functions from static front page

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by alisonrebecca88, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. alisonrebecca88


    Remove blog functions from static front page, by alisonrebecca88

    I’ve seen similar topics posted but haven’t found a solution. In the Settings -> Reading menu, I have chosen ‘static page’ and then specified my home page from the dropdown menu. I have chosen a different page for the posts page. I have text content on my static page, and below that a table that I created. This is working fine, but I recently tried to create an additional table beneath the first one but when I published the changes, the second table appeared in blog form (forward/back arrows etc.). There is also an additional ‘edit’ link on my home page and when I hover over it I see a preview URL at the bottom that indicates it is a link to edit a blog.
    I don’t want to remove all blog options from the site as I’ve seen recommended since I do want blog posts to function on other pages. Is there a way I can remove the blog function from my homepage without disrupting anything?

    Remove blog functions from static front page

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