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WordPress fix Registration plugin

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by theconsul, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. theconsul


    Registration plugin, by theconsul

    I have been searching a solution for weeks now but i can not seem to find a suitable plugin that serves my needs but maybe you know what it is.

    Part of the solution is often provided but there is always somthing missing although i do not think my question is difficult. I suspect that not a lot of people use this application the way i do.


    Suppose i have 1 event/item/thing,… whatever you want to call it.

    I need people to be able to select it, register for it but i want to display some results on the frontend, the amount of men who are subscribed/registered, the amount of women who are subscribed/registered and their respective age.

    Eg: frontend:

    Subscribed/registered: 20 men, 24 women
    age of men: 24years, 25years, 25 years, 26 yeras,…
    age of women 23 years, 26 years, 27 years, 27 years, 27 years,…

    That is all

    I tried and reviewed booking plugins, event plgins, rsvp, form plugins, but i can not find what i need.

    Free or premium plugin does not matter, quality and support does.

    If you can make a custom field in the subscription form then how hard can it be to display some of those fields on the frontend?

    This image in dutch will show what i am looking for, looks nice but more simple is not a problem.

    check image

    Feel free to replay with all hints and tips how to solve this.



    Registration plugin

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