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WordPress fix Redirect old accented url (Drupal) to match new (WordPress)

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Dariusz, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Dariusz


    Redirect old accented url (Drupal) to match new (WordPress), by Dariusz

    I have just migrated a site from Drupal to WordPress.
    Everything working fine, apart from one problem with links already shared to the internet.

    Site is in Polish, and somebody who set this in Drupal decided that permlinks will contain Polish characters / accents like. łśćąźż in link.

    Wordpress not using this methide, and now all link are exactly that same but without polish charactes.

    ł is l
    ę is e

    Which is fine.
    Can somebody help to create generic (not link specific) Rewrite rule to match link with accents with the same link without accents. If not possible, I will try to match each link, but that’s more time-consuming.

    DRUPAL: http://antybariera.pl/noworoczne-hałasy/
    WORDPRESS: http://antybariera.pl/noworoczne-halasy/

    Wordpress do not match them sue to accented character “ł”


    Redirect old accented url (Drupal) to match new (WordPress)

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