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WordPress fix Redirect from “not found” to homepage url

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Van Hooreweder, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Van Hooreweder


    Redirect from “not found” to homepage url, by Van Hooreweder

    Looking for a method for visitors who arrived on a not found page to be sent to the homepage. This to deal with a general issue coming with the regular use of WP_ALL_IMPORT_PRO. It is not about a problem I have with this plugin, I’m not certain if I would find an answer in the plugin support forum.

    My host says that I had to put next in the .htaccess:
    ErrorDocument 404 /auction/index.php

    It is what I did but as you see you’re not redirected to the homepage at all. My host said that he doesn’t support this kind of questions anymore and that’s why I ask support on the WP forum. There is namely more. Per WP installation there is only one .htaccess in the root directory and I have to repeat the same for visitors arriving on http://boostypress.com/veiling, that should be directed to the homepage http://boostypress.com/veiling. It’s multisite with directories “auction” and “veiling”.

    It’s thus not enough to say: ErrorDocument 404 /auction/index.php
    The sentence should also include that this is for the visitors getting on a 404 within the directory “auction”.

    Resp. for “ceiling”

    Redirect from “not found” to homepage url

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