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WordPress fix Process user input information

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by kaiped12, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. kaiped12


    Process user input information, by kaiped12

    Hello fellow WordPress users!

    I am new to wordpress and have not done any programming besides from #C a couple of years ago in school. I am wondering if some of you can give me hint och lead me to right direction.

    The plan is to make a specialized diet plan for my customers that I train. I want them to go in to my website and fill in information such as; gender, age, weight, weight goal, daily activity and so on. The data shall then be processed by an algorithm i’m going to make and finally create a meal plan for them.

    So my questions to you guys are;
    1) Is there a simple way to set a page in wordpress where my customers can fill in their information (lika a plugin)?

    2) What is an easy way to process the filled in information to an algorithm and then receive a “solution” after it’s done processing? In order words where or what web application/program/plugin can I use that compares the filled in information to algorithms I create?

    Thanks in advance!

    Process user input information

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