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WordPress fix Problems with dashboard after updating to the latest version.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by michaelwieden, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. michaelwieden


    Problems with dashboard after updating to the latest version., by michaelwieden


    i am not sure, if the latest update (4.8.2) is the reason of the problem, because after updating it took some time, after I tried to write a post. Actually it seems to be a css-oder javascript-Probem.

    1.) When I list all posts, on the first view every things seems to be o.k. But when I click in “Edit” (german: “Bearbeiten”), the whole structure of the whole site collapses. (Please see this picture). I have also no possibility to enter text.
    2.) When I go to the plugin page, the plugin-listing is not bicolor (one color for active, one for inactive) Please also see the picture linked above.
    3.) When updating a plugin, there is not animated wheel ending in a check any more.

    What I did until now.
    – I deactivated all plugins.
    – I changed to standard wp-theme
    – I checked .htaccess , and replaced it with a standard one.
    – I downloaded a complete new 4.8.2 and changed wp-includes, wp-admin folder
    – I deleted the size in “wp-config” after changing it from 128M to 256M without success.
    – I even replaced the wp-content folder (it works with a lot of error-messages, but the crash appears in the same way as before)

    On the same server, i have two more wp-sites. One with an not updated version, one with an updated version. Both work proper and well.

    I appreciate any idea. Thanks a lot!

    Best regards

    Problems with dashboard after updating to the latest version.

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