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WordPress fix Problem with Safari

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by unklee, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. unklee


    Problem with Safari, by unklee

    I have a static front page, and a summary the latest blogs appear on a blog page. First there is the blog title, then on the left a 300×150 reduced graphic of the featured image, and on the right the summary text. Then repeated fro the next blog post, etc. I do my work on a Mac using Safari.

    Everything has been fine until recently, when the first line of the text appeared over the top of the image, but the second and following lines were where they should be. My guess was that the image was slightly lower down the page and so the text appeared in the gap above the image.

    However on Chrome and Firefox on my Mac, the text is all in the right place, so it appears to be a Safari issue, and only a recent one (I think I upgraded to the latest version recently).

    Is anyone else having any problems like this with Safari? Does anyone have a suggestion to fix it please?

    My thought to fix it is to put a small margin or padding before the text so it drops down level with the top of the image, but making that happen just on the blog page might be tricky, and I am reluctant to fiddle too much with something that has been working fine, and maybe Safari will sort itself out in time.

    Thanks for any thoughts..

    Problem with Safari

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