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WordPress fix Posts page slows to crawl with large text

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by WordPress.org Forums », Jan 22, 2018.

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    Posts page slows to crawl with large text, by

    When I’m entering text into a post, everything works normally until I enter a large block of text (5,000+)

    It doesn’t matter if I am typing 5,000+ words or copy/pasting from text document (no html, not tag, just clean text). After saving the post, the ability to edit, add, modify, insert media, etc. slows to a crawl. Even something as simple as highlighting several lines of text to make it bold can take 10-15 seconds. Inserting images is even worse. This only happens in the backend of the system when creating a post. Once the post is live, the front end user view has no problems.

    This only started happening with the 4.8 release and up for me (I’ve been using WordPress for my site since 2006). I was hoping the 4.9 release would address the issue, but has not. This only happens a couple of times a month when I have large posts (5,000+ words), but it is enough of a pain, I finally came here hoping to find an answer/solution.

    I appreciate ANY help.

    Posts page slows to crawl with large text

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