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WordPress fix Plugin disappeared, how do I safely completely remove?

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Halo Diehard, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Halo Diehard


    Plugin disappeared, how do I safely completely remove?, by Halo Diehard

    Possibly with the latest update (4.8.3) one of my plugins disappeared from the plugins page. The plugin, Posts for Page, is deprecated, and firstly I was wondering if this automatically happens when a plugin is deprecated? I know some of the files still exist in my site, because when I go to Editor in the Plugin menu I see it’s files are there. But it’s hidden, so I can’t delete it from the plugins page. In my research I saw reference to deprecated or unsafe plugins being “hidden”, but it wasn’t clear if they were referring to “hidden from the plugins page on the backend of my site” or “hidden from plugins listed when I click ‘Add New’ on my plugins page”.

    Regardless of how it disappeared from my plugins page, my specific question is now that it’s hidden, how do I safely and completely remove it from my site? Can I just delete the plugins folder on my web host, and if so wouldn’t there be tables in the database as well? Is it safe to just delete those?

    I’ve never learned to be totally savvy with how plugins work, so my fear is that the plugin could have inserted code into other files in my WordPress, outside of that plugin’s folders, and that it will break my site if I remove the plugin folder and database entries related to that plugin to “clean it out”.

    Any infos appreciated, thanks!

    Plugin disappeared, how do I safely completely remove?

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