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WordPress fix Please help me understand image sizes

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by flizzywp, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. flizzywp


    Please help me understand image sizes, by flizzywp

    i have trouble understanding image sizes in WordPress.
    I have a pretty wide layout so my featured image is pretty big. I have edited the source image to about the same dimensions and saved it as an .jpg.
    No problem so far.

    I use a plugin to show my posts in a grid. It’s called “Content Views” and has pretty good ratings. But i tested my site with a speed tester and it told me, that my thumbnail in this grid actually shows the whole full-sized image (just downscaled) and therefor slows down the speed. How can i change that?
    I read that WordPress generates different image files for different sizes, but i can’t find any of them. Where are they and where are they used? If i click on “Media Settings” and change dimensions there, it does nothing at all. Neither to the featured image, nor to thumbnails.

    Can anyone please enlighten me because this is the kind of stuff that gives me headaches.

    Thanks in advance,

    Please help me understand image sizes

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