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WordPress fix Playing audio from other sub-domain

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by antipole, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. antipole


    Playing audio from other sub-domain, by antipole

    I have an issue playing audio that has been plaguing me for many months, and I would really be grateful for some help here.

    My site has a number of audio recordings embedded. For reasons I will not elaborate here, I need the actual .mp3 files to be in a separate sub-domain rather than in the uploads for the site.

    When the audio is uploaded into the media library the obvious way, it plays OK. The code on the page is, for example:
    [audio mp3="http://test-site.mariannefrylectures.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/1-Judy-Ryde-Introduction-by-Malcolm-Parlett-1.mp3"][/audio]

    However, if I try to play it from my archive sub-domain, it will not play. The code looks like this:
    [audio mp3="http://archives.mariannefrylectures.co.uk/2009/1-Judy-Ryde-Introduction-by-Malcolm-Parlett.mp3"][/audio]

    It is the same file. On this test page the first recording is on the archive site and the second is on the same site.

    I have tried inserting the link to the archive copy in various ways but always with the same result. I have tried inserting an ,http> link, a [audio] short code and using the media uploader. One difference between the approaches is that even if I use the Add media button and insert by URL linking to the archive file, there is no entry in the media library, whereas if I upload the file to the same site there is an entry in the media library.

    I have had very inconsistent results too, but I think this may be because of caching.

    Here’s hoping someone can help me out here.

    Playing audio from other sub-domain

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