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WordPress fix Pinning post doesn’t display image

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by asnowstorm, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. asnowstorm


    Pinning post doesn’t display image, by asnowstorm

    Hi! I can’t pin images or posts from my own website. Instead, it displays text where the image should be on the pinterest board. I’ve tried in Chrome and Safari with the same result.
    If I click the pin it button on an image, it first comes up with the image correctly along with the boards to chose from. When I click save to pin it and then click “see it now”, it displays the Alt text in the image box, instead of the image. If I then navigate directly to the board to see the pin, the same text shows up at the top of the image box.
    If I instead click the pinterest share button at the bottom of a blog post, the same thing happens, but instead of the Alt text, it displays the post title, and still no image when I’ve saved the pin (but still shows the image before I click “save”).
    I’ve not installed a pinterest sharing plugin, but just use what came with WordPress and I have the pin it applet installed on my computer.
    Is anyone able to help with this please? Thanks a million!

    Pinning post doesn’t display image

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