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WordPress fix PHP FTP SSH Not even a clue :/

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by getowned, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. getowned


    PHP FTP SSH Not even a clue :/, by getowned

    Hello all,

    had my wordpress installed a week or so now and I’m just so confused and frustrated with the potential other steps I have to do but it either doesn’t work or I just have no clue what they even mean.

    I have an error with my site and the author requested my FTP login to fix it.

    I have follwed steps adding SSH Key for google cloud.

    Setting up PHP access, to which I use the Putty.exe and gen and after these steps I just get an error Unable to use key file “D:\Marc\Documents\website\putty key 2.ppk” (SSH-1 private key)

    I have used filezilla to set god knows what up now tbh
    Status: Directory listing of “/home/rsa-key-20171009” successful

    So the author is now saying speak to the hosting prodivder about PHP access. Well I haven’t even linked my site from my provider yet :s

    Basically could someone explain which of these things I actually need and what the terms might even mean… PHP FTP SSH. What needs to be done where? I thought wordpress was relatively simple but I’m not felling it thus far.


    PHP FTP SSH Not even a clue :/

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