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WordPress fix Permalinks not working WHEN EVEN WITH SIDEBAR

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by jessetate, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. jessetate


    Permalinks not working WHEN EVEN WITH SIDEBAR, by jessetate

    For a couple weeks some of my permalinks within blog posts have not been working. It was always selective, never ALL sitewide links to a certain page or anything like that. And never any 404 errors or any of that stuff. They were simply COMPLETELY unresponsive, as if there was nothing even there to click. At first I was completely baffled; then I noticed neither can I highlight the paragraphs surrounding where the links are. It also seems completely unresponsive.

    I finally realized that ANYWHERE THE MAIN CONTENT TEXT IS EVEN WITH MY SIDEBAR, it seems completely unresponsive. Once I scroll below, the links and highlighting work just fine. I’m setting out to try various things but am rather new at all this and have already spent hours trying. I thought the forums might be far faster. Any tips?

    Permalinks not working WHEN EVEN WITH SIDEBAR

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