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WordPress fix Pages/Posts Not Updating

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by skovall, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. skovall


    Pages/Posts Not Updating, by skovall

    I wish I could submit photos! But, I have been updating content on our website and it has recently been made to my attention that they are not updating. I have cleared my history/cache/use private browser, no go.

    For example, “Reporting” page is now “Business Intelligence.”

    Liquor Store Reporting
    Over 70 standard reports to choose from
    Choose the retail sales reports that show up on your database
    Employee security settings will dictate which reports each of your employees can or cannot view
    Filter reports by department, category, region, appellation, brand, etc.

    Liquor Store POS Business Intelligence
    Easily see your inventory levels, sales detail, and more by using our built-in reporting features.

    Over 70 Standard Reports
    mPower Beverage has over 70 standard reports to choose from. You can choose which retail sales reports show up on your database. When running reports, you can filter them by date, departments, category, region, brand, and more. Additionally, you can edit your employee security settings to dictate which reports each of your employees can or cannot view.

    When I am logged in as wordpress admin, it all looks perfect to me. I actually made pricing changes last week to our website, and my boss noticed today that on his end he was seeing pricing for the change before last. I hit “update” again and he was able to see the update page. So, I went in and did update to all pages I updated recently (Reporting/Business Intelligence; Point of Sale; Customer Loyalty). I still do not see the update on my end (even after clearing cache).

    Is this a bug within the most recent updates? Not sure what to do here since our changes arent showing.

    Note: I just checked to make sure, and the blog posts i’ve been updating are also not updated. When going into the pages/posts in the backend of wordpress, clicking edit the new changes are there – the old content is not. So its just very weird that old content is showing.

    Pages/Posts Not Updating

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