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WordPress fix Page Width

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by AHMEDMALIK, Jan 29, 2018.



    Page Width, by AHMEDMALIK

    The contents on this page are compressed. kindly see screenshot “https://imgur.com/a/ANL6u”
    or visit http://ctsonline.com/vendor-registrations/.
    As advised by a colleague this can be solved by editing
    “wp-content/themes/eleven40/style.css” and changing ” 690px to 100% and 580px to 100%.” as shown in below image

    If I solved the issue as mentioned in above image it causes an other issue. home page alignment goes out. Kindly see the image.
    home page URL is http://www.ctsonline.com.

    How i can keep both pages aligned?
    Active theme is “Eleven40 Child Theme” and WordPress version 3.9.23.

    Page Width

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