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WordPress fix no access to email to retrieve password reset

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by kittyxo, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. kittyxo


    no access to email to retrieve password reset, by kittyxo


    My name is Lena but i go by the name Kitty.
    I built this site years ago for a client of mine.

    i’m uncertain of the username and password
    but maybe its changed. i cant remember, its been a while.
    my business name has changed a few years ago from kittysauce to xocreative, therefore the email access to the wordpress is an email i no longer have access to anymore. Its an email that’s no longer active.

    also im not sure the version of wordpress i was using.

    To verify i’m the person who built it, if you do a business name checkup here in Perth (australia) you’ll see that kittysauce and xocreative are under the same ABN (business number).
    [ Redacted ]

    the email I originally used to create the wordpress to this account is no longer active unfortunately.

    Would much appreciate your help


    no access to email to retrieve password reset

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