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WordPress fix New Theme not appearing online

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by oleanderpr1, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. oleanderpr1


    New Theme not appearing online, by oleanderpr1


    I haven’t customized my website in a very long time so am a little out of touch but decided to use WordPress as I’m told its very easy to learn and use however, I’m baffled and while I’ve searched all kinds of resources including during the doc’s on this forum I’m still confused. In short I followed the instructions to the letter on how to install a new theme thus changing it from the Default: TwentySeventeen to the ‘Britt’ BUT.. As I customize the page.. the changes aren’t seen online and the same default page shows.
    I hate to ask but please guide me as to what I must do in order for the new BRITT theme to appear to my site visitors.
    2. How can I customize the Footer?
    3. On the Header Menu, is there a way I can add other links for example: One of my main links is EVENTS, but if a visitor wants to to go a specific link under the EVENTS option they can choose one of two events that I wish to put on there, and any others that I have for clients that are coming up?

    New Theme not appearing online

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