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WordPress fix New Posts Not showing, Can’t Change Theme, etc.

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Manapo, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Manapo


    New Posts Not showing, Can’t Change Theme, etc., by Manapo

    Hello there,

    After a hiatus of a few years I’ve started posting on my bog again. However, I’m encountering many problems. I should point out that the blog has been kept up to date in the background, and is running the latest version of WordPress.

    The problems:
    1. I published a post (titled ‘Freedom from Grief’? this morning but it is not showing up on the homepage. I am subscribed to my own blog and did receive an email alert, but when I click on it I can read the post but all of the theme formatting has gone haywire.

    2. I made a post one week ago (titled: ‘Meditation: Questions and Answers’) and have had several comments, but they are not showing.

    3. I cannot change the theme, or customize the appearance of the current them. (Twenty Seventeen).

    4. Any edits I make to existing posts do not show up.

    Here’s what I’ve done to try to overcome the problems, but to no avail.

    1. Deactivating all plugins.
    2. Clearing the cache in WPFC and in my browser.
    3. Changing the theme to Twenty Sixteen.

    I am not techy, so I have no idea what to do now.



    New Posts Not showing, Can’t Change Theme, etc.

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