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WordPress fix New Post or Page “Submit for Review” only

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by barkster28, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. barkster28


    New Post or Page “Submit for Review” only, by barkster28

    I recently moved my site to a new server and delete a few million posts from database. Everything seems to work fine but when I try to create a new page or post, the only option I get is to “Submit for Review” and even when I push that it get access denied. I can edit any post or page just fine. Here i what I’ve tried.

    1. created new admin, cleared cache, logged in a new admin, same results.
    2. disabled all plugins
    3. Rename plugins directory.

    The only thing that worked was emptying the posts and posts_meta tables. When I did this I could create new page or post just fine. I assume it has to do something with having like 7million for the autoincrement for posts_meta table? After culling down the table I really only have 10k now but I can’t find a way to reindex the table or something.

    New Post or Page “Submit for Review” only

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