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WordPress fix need to add a two column template to a theme

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by pmcintire, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. pmcintire


    need to add a two column template to a theme, by pmcintire

    We are using the Artim theme (vendor has gone belly-up, so no doc or help there) for the MacIntyre Gathering site, along with Event Manager, using the “multiples” event registration. Artim allows widgets like the cart only in specifically defined areas, which for the cart would be the default sidebar. We can get the standard cart to show up on the sidebar in static, non-event pages, by simply choosing a two-column layout. However, we cannot get the sidebar to show up on the dynamic event pages because the Event Manager uses the default Artim page template, which is single column, no sidebar and thus no cart. On the Event Manager, there is the ability to choose a different template, but no two-column template shows up in the dropdown — only the standard Artim page template and two other templates that are no better. So, how do I either create and save a modified Artim template to use just for events, or even access a plain, non-Artim template?

    need to add a two column template to a theme

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