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WordPress fix My WordPress Blog has disappeared, and my username stolen

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by ryan3, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. ryan3


    My WordPress Blog has disappeared, and my username stolen, by ryan3

    I haven’t logged on in about a month, but when I went to do so today, I was directed to a page that said “Error Establishing a Database Connection”

    Strange, that’s never happened before. Went to my saved login screen – same message. Came to wordpress.org to check my account, and the site would no longer recognize my email as a registered user (even though I have recent emails from wordpress to that very account.) Requested that a new password link be sent via my username – ryan1 – about six times. No link ever arrived.

    My blog has (ryanandesblog) has vanished. Years of posts, gone. My username is no longer affiliated with my email address. And there’s no email support at WordPress.org to look further into this.

    My best guess is that the blog was hacked, my email and blog wiped, and my username stolen. I have spent the day trying everything. I couldn’t post here in the support forum until I registered as a new user. I didn’t use my original email address in the hopes that the account can somehow be restored.

    Has anyone ever dealt with this? If so, what are my options?


    My WordPress Blog has disappeared, and my username stolen

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