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WordPress fix My homepage is showing page I deleted – help!

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by susannasolgreen, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. susannasolgreen


    My homepage is showing page I deleted – help!, by susannasolgreen

    I duplicated my 4 websitepages (home, about, contact etc) with the “Duplicate Post” plugin, and renamed the duplicates. Then I played around with the page called “home” (because I wanted to try out another layout idea, and I thought this was no problem because I keept a copy of the old “home” page), but then decided against it, deleted it, and re-named all my 4 duplicate-pages back to their original name. Including the one called “home”.

    However, when I now click on my home name or on the “visit site” just underneath, it keeps showing the page that I was playing with, but deleted.

    I want my current page called “home” to be the homepage. Is there an option for “set this page as home page” somewhere?

    Or what do I have to name a file, for it to become the home page?
    I was thinking perhaps index.html :0), but I can’t find a file called this anywere.

    Also, problem 2: The pages that I duplicated and then named back (and published) are not showing in the customise/menu list of pages, so I can’t add them to the menu anymore.

    However, if I go to “appearence/menus”, they are listed there, and I can add them to the menu there, but they still do not show up in the live menu.

    Is there a fix for this?

    Many TIA.

    My homepage is showing page I deleted – help!

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