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WordPress fix Moving a wordpress page to test upgrade

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by chillisoft1, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. chillisoft1


    Moving a wordpress page to test upgrade, by chillisoft1

    backgroud, need to upgrade server so building a test server to test on.
    ubuntu 14.04, running apache and a number of sites.

    Built new DNS to direct these site in house ( there are 4 domains )
    build new lamp servers.
    backuped mysql from live and restored to test.
    backuped up the wordpress dirs and restored them.
    set up apache virtual hosts and tested with just a simple plan html file worked.

    next using search and replace from git hub change http://www.xxx.xxx.xxx to xxx.xxx.xxx on database and in the dirs. updated wp-config file with root access ( it is just for the first test ) and that way no access problems as had errors with mysql setting password but root always works.

    get error
    when trying to access wp-admin this page isn’t working xxx.xxx is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP error 500 ( chrome )

    xxxx.xxx on opera O this page isn’t working xxx.xxxx is currently unable to handle this request. when trying xxx.xxx ( with out www )

    as I said if I put just a simple html there it works.

    Can someone put me to where I have stuffed up please.

    Many thabks

    Moving a wordpress page to test upgrade

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