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WordPress fix Missing number after URL

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by Tessila, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Tessila


    Missing number after URL, by Tessila

    In the link I need help with, I have three categories: “Landscapes”, “Flowers”, and “Other”, and they each have their own photographs for sale. I made each photograph available for sale, then I found out that all the products in “Landscapes” were all mixed up. I found the problem was that they didn’t have a number at the end of each of their URLs to differentiate them from each other. There are four product names that each of my photographs I’m selling have: Regular Prints, Canvas Prints, Poster Prints, and Greeting Cards, but they all have different parents, so everything should be in order like my “Flowers” and “Other” categories are, but they aren’t.

    So I deleted all my products and everything from my “Landscapes” category to start over from scratch, but when I created the first one, it had the same problem. No number at the end of the URL.

    If I didn’t make any sense, you can see with these links:
    They have the same name, but have a number at the end of the URL to keep them separated.

    What is keeping my products in “Landscapes” from having numbers at the end of the URLs, but not in my other categories? How can I fix it?

    Missing number after URL

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