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WordPress fix Missing Custom Role Author Name

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by SirStuey, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. SirStuey


    Missing Custom Role Author Name, by SirStuey

    I have a contributor with custom title and custom permissions, given a “contributing editor” role.

    His name is not included in the posts’ authorship field. I cannot transfer a draft or post to his name – his name is missing from the list. How can I add his name back to the list? If I switch his role back to a standard role, his name reappears in the list.

    The change was made a year ago. I cannot tell if this is a recent break, or something that was broken from the start.

    //Special Role Creation

    $result = add_role(
    __( ‘Contributing Editor’ ),
    ‘read’ => true, // true allows this capability
    ‘edit_posts’ => true,
    ‘delete_posts’ => true, // Use false to explicitly deny
    ‘upload_files’ => true,
    ‘moderate_comments’ => true,
    ‘edit_others_posts’ => true,
    if ( null !== $result ) {
    echo ‘Yay! New role created!’;
    else {
    echo ‘Oh… the contributing_editor role already exists.’;

    Thank you!

    Missing Custom Role Author Name

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