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WordPress fix Migrate WP Posts & Pages using PhpMyAdmin

Discussion in 'Misc WordPress Requests' started by luloxiano, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. luloxiano


    Migrate WP Posts & Pages using PhpMyAdmin, by luloxiano

    Hi there!

    I want to migrate all posts, pages and media from an old broken WP installation to a new one, and I can’t access wp-admin, so I thought of doing it with PhpMyAdmin and FTP.

    You may or may not want to read WHY I want to do this, so here it goes:


    I broke my wordpress installation some days ago, becoming unable to login via wp-admin or wp-login.

    I broke it while changing siteurl and home without the “www.”, because I read on WPBeginner that it’d help me fix the “too many redirects” issue I was getting on my customizer. It didn’t, and the next day, when I wanted to login to wp-admin, the page redirected to itself.

    I read it was a common issue as well, so I tried to fix it, and then I got another error, “cookies not accepted”. I tried to fix that one as well… And so it went…

    Long story short, I made a db backup and a ftp backup of wp-content, includes & admin, and the loose files on the root folder of the WP installation, and so far, I couldn’t get to fix what got broken.

    As a temporary measure, I’ve created a similar webpage so people would land on our original links, and get redirected to a subdomain (aduba.org.ar/aduba/) from anywhere, by making a redirect modification on index.php that somehow (don’t ask me how) spread to the whole aduba.org.ar/(anything that’s not /aduba/).


    So, now the mess is temporarily covered, but I need the whole page and its posts, pages, media, and hopefully, plugins information, such as form entries.

    I don’t know how much of it will be possible to recover. But if it’s all posssible, may it be welcome!

    Even on a new installation of wordpress, if I make a new db and make the installation point to it, it’ll automatically get broken, so I thought of getting rid of that information, while keeping posts and stuff.

    I couldn’t find so far a tutorial on how to do this, because people migrate their webs with easier automated tools. And now I find myself in a hurry, because the website owners are getting angry at my lack of real solutions…

    So… Could anyone help me? Even if it’s just a link to a long article on how to do this, or the right youtube tutorial, anything’s good at this point

    Migrate WP Posts & Pages using PhpMyAdmin

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